Audio CD Clipping-Skipping

I’m using the latest version of nero ultra 7. After burning wav cd’s from mp3 format, the tracks skip or clip during playback on a cd player. I’ve tried different media and 2 different computers with the same result. I used winamp to burn the same files into wav format and they came out perfect. Is there a setting in nero that I should check? There is definately something wrong with the program.
Please help. :confused:

Best to avoid Nero for this. Use Burrrn (, it’s free , simple & better.

I just came on to post about the same exact thing…

For the past year or so ive been using Nero 6 and now 7 to burn audio CD’s and ive always had problems with skipping. I always thought it was my cd player in my car, or the media.

Finally last night I tried buring on the same media with windows media player, and it came out perfect.

So what is the deal, why does Nero have so much trouble burning audio cds?

Is it causing problems with all my DVDs I burn too?

I have no real idea why Nero does this. I never use it for Audio/MP3 CDs as I prefer Roxio or Burrrn on occasions.

As far as DVDs go , no problem with Nero. I use it all the time for movie burning.

This is a very exspensive program, and has lots of bells and whistles; yet it cannot burn regular audio cd’s properly? :disagree: There must be a better answer somewhere.

You’ll find numerous threads here about Nero & Audio CD burning problems. I don’t use it for that so I’ve not investiagted further.

Why the hell does anybody use it?

I like that it removes all gaps and cross fades between tracks… but yea if it can’t burn without skips its kinda pointless. I tried the one fix with the mp3pro.dll and still had issues. Going to try one other version of that file before giving up.