Audio CD (CD+G) w/all bad sectors

What causes and what can be done about audio CD’s or Karaoke CD+G’s that cannot be read because all of the sectors are bad? These discs will play in audio CD players but not in CD-ROM drives.

Clony XXL reports Def Sektoren

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According to this thread in the Brennmeister forum your cd is protected by MediaCloq

Somebody states that he imported a SoundChoice karaoke cd from the US. Apparently there is a message somewhere on the cover or inlay which says: “MediaCloq CDG´s Will Not Play In A Computer”

Here you can find some info from the cdrfaq.

If you can read German, then there are more than 10 pages on your protection, found here. I don’t have time to read it now myself. I have read some pages and apparently AudioGrabber and very old cd-rom players or in some cases with the Px-40ts can result in success. Apparently you shouldn’t use the aspi-layer, but use the standard W2k api-calls. This selectable in AudioGrabber.

I will get back to you on this!


Yep it sounds like you have a Sound Choice disc, it is printed on the bottom of the disc that it will not play on your computer. But who cares about that, the bad part is it won’t copy!!! Media Cloq.

If the disc you are trying to back up is in the early 8700 series then mediacloq 2.0 was used to protect it. Now it seems that some of the newer vcd players won’t read or play the discs with the 2.0 protection so Sound Choice had to remove the protection in order to sell the disc. There are still discs out there with this protection for example using clonecd 4 i can back up 8756 but not 8713. If you put a disc in and cdrwin can read the tracks and color the first 15 mode1 then the disc is copyable by clonecd 4. If you have just numbers on the first 15 and a mode 2 dot on the 16th track then you won’t be able to copy this disc. I’ve tried all the methods like stickers on the outside to block the hacked toc and reinserting but no dice. I can get it to where explorer can read the 15 audio tracks but when you go to play there’s no sound. Try a later disc number and it should work. I know this doesn’t help in the current case but you can reference for future endeavors.

cheers m8 :wink: