Audio CD burning problems with my 851@832

Ok, I’ve got a weird scenario here, and I dont really know how to go about troubleshooting it, looking for some input.

I have an 851 that I’ve upgraded to the CG firmware. Both before and after the upgrade, I’ve had issues burning audio CDs on this burner. I’ve tried several different burning programs, and this problem has followed me through a complete OS fresh install, so I’m thinking it’s something particular to this drive perhaps.

According to the burning software, the burn is successful. When playing the CD in a standalone player, track 1 plays fine, track 2 plays fine, then all other tracks on the CD play, but the display still indicates that it’s on track 2. On my Bose WaveRadio, for example, attempting to change to a track >2 results in a disc error. Towards the end of the CD, it gets very choppy, and sometimes skippy.

Other types of CDs appear to be fine; they burn/read without issue. Same for s/vcd movies. No issues - I use my pc as a video capture for TV on occasion to capture TV programs to s/VCD compatible MPGs. They burn and play without issue.

The drive is probably still under warranty by a hair, but I really dont want to have to RMA it, as I’d be without a dvd burner. I’ve taken to burning audio discs on an older Iomega (Plextor) cd burner.

Any suggestions about what I could do to try to troubleshoot this? Has anyone heard of this type of problem?

Thanks in advance-


Have you tried a different brand of CD-R media? Is your player rated for CD-R media? What does the [thread=93944]KProbe v2.4.2[/thread] or Nero CD-DVD Speed scan of the CD-R disc look like?

It seems to be common to any different media I’ve tried. In terms of players, I’ve tried it on several players including some lower end (Apex) and higher end (Bose) all of which play CDs burned on the same media, in my Plextor CD burner fine. This burn was done @ 40x, but it actually took over 12 minutes. I didnt watch it so I cant comment on what happened, but thats not a typical result, timewise. Here’s the kprobe scan from it.


This is the first time I’ve used kprobe to do an audio cd, not positive if any settings need tweaking… I’ll look around and see if I can find guidelines somewhere, if someone sees something before I do, pls let me know. Tnx!!

Just tried this disc, same behaviour. Weird stuff. Anyone have any thoughts?

Anyone? Bueller?

<sigh> ok, well maybe I have to give up on burnin audio on this drive.