Audio CD burner software w/variable pause option

Hi all, I’m getting carpal tunnel mousing over the Net, trying to find a free audio CD burning program that allows me to add some extra time between songs; I’d like to add somewhere between 5 and 10 seconds. I make CDs for an indoor cycling (exercise) class that I teach, and need the extra time between songs. When I made my cassette tapes, no problem. Now that I’m making CDs, it’s not so easy with the burners I have available, and I don’t really want to spend $80 for Nero with all the extra bells and whistles…I don’t even have a DVD burner! I just need a drag-n-drop type audio burner sw that has this capability.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

I recommend burnatonce freeware – a very nice, compact, simple program for CD burning. or Do a Master Audio CD. Add your files. Right click on file in burnatonce window and you can adjust your time between tracks. Use this program and save money and hard disk space … regards, gamma1

Thanks, I did a quick run-through and it looks this will fill the bill! I appreciate the reply.