Audio cd backup problem

I have greek audio cd with 19 tracks and I tried to do a backup of it with
clonecd blindwrite easecdripper with no luck. All three programs can manage
to backup until the 15 track but 16 17 18 19 could not be made, please note
that these last four tracks cannot be play by my lg cd rom normaly, they keep
on skipping tracks every two or three seconds, on a normal cd player the above
tracks play without a problem. Can anybody help me to backup this cd???

There Are Few Ways To Back Up A Audio CD, I’ll Post The Two Easier

1.- You Can Extract The Music To Your HDD With This Program Is The Best To Do That, After Doing That You Can Burn They With Nero Just Like A Normal Audio CD, And The Copy Will Be Unprotected -IF- The Original It’s Protected…

2.- Maybe This AUDIO CD Is Protected, So…Use This To Detect Which Protection It Haves Or… This One Works To Then When You Know The Name Of The Protection Use Alcohol 120% And Use The Profile Name Of The Same Name Of The Protection, It Should Work!

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BioX-X800-XT…Profesional UT2K4 Level Designer…

Clonyxxl is now quite old, and due that has absolutely no idea about newer protection schemes.
People should stop recommending this now, useless, utility.

Yeah, It’s Older Than Me, But It Was Just A Sugestion Okay?, Just Forget About That Link…

BioX-X800-XT[[Changing Software Concept]]

I Downloaded The Program And Tried But Still It Was Able To Make
Until Tracks 15 And Not Able To Do 16 17 18 And 19, The Programs
Array Clonyxxl Were Not Able To Locate Any Copy Protection On
The Cd Any Other Suggestions???/

You can try EAC

Probably It Is Scratched, There’s Nothing You Can Do If That Happens, That Must Be The Reason…You Can Try Downloading The Last Tracks 16,17,18And 19 And Complete The Backup With The Other That You Have Extracted From The Original CD,…If Not, Keep Trying With Other Software… Sorry, That’s All I Do For You…

Oh, I Forget About, Have You Tried Before A-Ray Scanner?>…I Don’t Know If It Detects Audio Protections, But It Better To Try,

I did try aray but no protection detected, I did try to download at least
track 19 but no success, the cd has no scratches and plays without any
problem in car cd-player and home hifi. Anyway I would like to thank you
for your time.