Audio cassette to pc to cd



need to back up my audio cassettes,to cds just looked at (plus deck 2 to pc cassette deck ) a cassette deck that fits in your 5.25 drive bay wonder has any body used or got one . or is there a better way thanks



assuming you already own a decent cassette deck, just connect it to the soundcard of your computer (“Play” connector at deck to “Line In” of your soundcard, you may need some adapter cable for that).
You need also some recording software, I’d suggest trying the free Audacity (they also have excellent tutorials on their project website).
After having recorded the material onto your HDD, it can be burnt onto a CD-R.



[quote=mitchey;1998006]…plus deck 2 to pc cassette deck…[/quote]This one?:


yes thats the one what u think.


Thanks Mciahel,found a audio interface on amazon, A griffin-9066 £20 also on a site called polder bits it gives you a diagram of how to do it, well on my way now thanks again.