Audio capture

An internet radio station will be airing something tomorrow that I’d like to capture. I listen through Winamp. I have Nero. I d/l and used PolderBits once, about a year ago, but the trial is long since expired.

Anyone know what I can use to capture this audio bit?

Hi Melissa,

Sure, it’s a piece of cake! (& free!) :smiley:

Audacity Audio Editor

This will work just fine; try it out ahead of time to be sure that you have it all configured properly.

regards, katzz :slight_smile:

That’s correct! Make sure you have lots of free space on your hard disk (several GigaBytes). Also, you can download the Lame encoder (link) (if you don’t already have it on your PC somewhere) and point Audacity to it in Preferences, so you can save the recording as mp3 to limit HD space used.

thanks, cressida. I think I have Audacity on my HD at home from the question for my friend about editing wav files uploaded from a dig recorder. I’m not sure because I’m at work now.

So, Audacity will record in wav. Can I use a program to convert?

Does Nero have the ability to do the audio cap, or must I use the audacity?

So how do you configure Audacity to record the streaming audio feed from the online radio program?


@[B]MelissaR[/B]: Nero Wave Editor has similar functionality to Audacity, but I haven’t used it for this purpose. You can experiment and try it out for yourself (look for a “Record” button and play with the settings to find the signal).

@[B]BeardedKirklander[/B]: It can record anything that goes through your soundcard and should be a matter of selecting the right input (


Recording online streaming audio was something I always wanted to do too…
So, looks like Audacity is the cat´s pyjamas…once you´ve figured out the settings :cool: I´ve just given it a test run, and…
It seems you´ve gotta sort out where the sound is coming from, and adjust the levels. Kinda obvious I guess, but it took me a while to get it right :doh:
In the attached screenshot you´ll see some is in German but it ain´t too hard to see what´s what…
Then export it as WAV and convert it later to whatever you want. I think it has options to export as MP3 and some others as you wish.
Very cool tool…thanks to Katzz and Cressida :flower:

Thanks for the image - it is helpful. :slight_smile:

If it’s not DRM’ed to death, how about the wave writer plugin for winamp, no loopback losses?

Nero Soundtrax will record, but the only file output is wav. Anyone know what I can use to convert the file to mp3? I need to upload to yousendit, and it’s gonna be huge in wav.

Well, well, well. I’ve been playing around this morning trying to figure out how to compress to mp3. I decided to look at my EAC. Good thing.

It does it all – records and compresses! Just d/l and unzipped lame 3.97, pointed EAC at the executable in the Compression Options dialogue, and away I went! Recorded a wav and converted it.

I really really like EAC. I can’t believe all the stuff it can do.

EAC can record from streaming internet radio too?

Man, I’m just SOOOO out of the loop.

Glad you got it figured. :slight_smile:

A classic for converting wav to mp3 (and back) is RazorLame but many other programs can do this, as you’ve found out :slight_smile: . Nero requires a (non-free) mp3 plug-in for encoding. Audacity records as wav, but when the recording is finished, you can save it as mp3 with Lame.