Audio pls

i can capture video with ADS TECH DVD EXPRESS(vhs to dvd) and i’m trying to use it to capture audio ,it works so far ,but of course its captures it in mpeg1 or mpeg2 i would like to capture it in mp3 ,i’m thinking that theres some software out there that well work with ADS TECH to capture audio ,i went to the web site and it links me to nero and an update for nero to add nero sound track but it won’t work for me :frowning: any other ideas.

This may help:-

I have a Leadtek Winfast TV2000 video capture card which is used for capturing VHS video and recording to DVD.

It can be used though, relatively easily in my case, to record in pretty much any audio format.

The way I do it, which has the bonus of being free, is to set my sound card to input from the capture card. For me this means to set to CD as the audio output from the capture card connects to the analogue CD input on my m/board’s sound card.

I then open CDex (google and download it) and click tools / record from analogue input with the ‘input device’ specified as my soundcard.

CDex will then let you select the output file type and utilises pretty much any encoder you have installed.

With regard to record volume I simply adjust the record input volume on my sound card until I get the level I want.

Hope this helps :flower:

or u can get VirtualDubMpeg2 and strip the audio from that mpeg1/2 file and save it as a .wav or .mp3 and encode it to whatever you want…:slight_smile:

Here’s the guide on how to do it

thanks for the help i’ll let you know if it works

well i was able to capture audio :slight_smile: but it took some doing ,i used ADS Tech to capture the cassette but it was in mpeg 1 so then i played it back and recorded it with RecordPad sound recorder which recorded it in WAV ,kind of a long way around it but the end result was that i was able to covert cassette to CD yeppie.

thanks for the help guys :slight_smile: