Audio Can Not be Heard

Hi folks,

I don’t consider myself a Newbie … I have been backing up my dvd’s successfully for awhile! … since I could not successfully find it looking through pages & pages of data … I thought may be no-one has come across this problem.

OK, now to my problem I backed up my dvd via DVDShrink to get rid of the extras … since this once a Foreign DVD with FORCED Subtitles I thought i would be OK this way. I played back the ISO file that I made with DVDShrink and listened to the AUDIO and guess what IT WAS THERE. Then I burned my Backup DVD and when I played it back just to ensure it is palying back without any unforseen skippage or whatever error … I noticed that I CAN NOT hear the darn Audio … now this was a straight forward audio … my origianl has only ONE AUDIO on it and it is LPCM audio … so why in the world my backup Audio can not be heard???

Any help or insight would help and be appreciated!!!


I seem to remember having similar problems with a few foreign films. Try doing the full thing without stripping anything off. If it works, you know that was the problem (I think sometimes audio streams dont always identify right). I have had the same happen with normal movies and audio comentary. I try to strip stuff off and I get no sound or audio comentary sound, but when I don’t strip anything off it works fine.

Hi Ripit,

Thanks for your reply.

Weird thing happened yesterday … when I was scanning my ripped ISO file with DVDShrink I could hear the sound just fine. But when I was playing back the darn burned DVD of the same ISO file I could not hear the Audio on my Desktop DVD players … both my Samsung and BenQ. BUT, when I took this dvd home to see if I can hear the audio in my home dvd player … long and behold the darn AUDIO played back A-OK.

The reason I was so darn surprised when I could not hear the Audio on my computer dvd players … it is because there was ONLY 1 AUDIO option available … period … so, I only used DVDShrink to back up my dvd and get rid of the Intor’s and crap.

By the way, I routinely back up my Foreign dvds … and strip all the crap and keep only the movie and OF COURSE the MENU … since that is the ONLY way that you will be to activate your “SUBTITLES”. And I have no problems with those. Now, when using DVDShrink or whatever program you use you have to be careful when Choosing one of your Audio Choices … the First Audio usually is your MAIN and correct Audio … the other ones or the one at the bottom is usually the “Commentary” one.

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