Audio cable on liteon problem.....Help needed

Hi hope you can help,
I have a liteon 24x10x40 writer which is causing boot problems.
if i connect the digital audio cable onto an audigy2 soundcard
the led on the liteon stays lit and booting up hangs on detecting IDE
devices with winXP… I can leave the cable of and boot up then connect it and get sound ok …

has anybody else had this problem any advice is appreciated
thanks …

You don’t need the audio cable (digital or analog) unless you plan on using the headphone jack on the Lite-On to listening to CDs.

Edit: You don’t need the freaking audio cable 'cause the IDE cable alone carries all the data.

Really??? Is that what the cable is for? Sound goes FROM
the sound card to the CDR drive? I learn something new
everyday! :bow:

@Stoner: aren’t you a bit confused? Even without the audio cable connected to the analog or digital out of the LiteOn drive, you can listen audio through the headphone jack on the front. As soon as the drive gets a signal from the computer that is has to start to the audio cd in the tray, it will do so, and the output jack will be activated.
However, you can listen to audio on a CD, even without the sound cable connected (send the sound through the IDE cable)…

@Liquidmetal: no no there isn’t any sound send out by the soundcard, received by the optical drive. Only when burning audio, but audio is passed through as data :wink:

@Icky: strange problem that I sadly can’t test right now. The only advice that I can give you, is to update the firmware of your LiteOn drive, as this might be a bug…