Audio but No Video AVI to DVD?

I have been using the program ConvertXtoDVD to put .avi movie files to DVD and it works great. However, I have a couple .avi files that originally only had audio but no video and were different from my other files. They also could only be played with the VLC Player. After I installed a codec pack though, I could play the .avi files with no problem using a regular player like realplayer. My question is: when I try to encode these particular files to the DVD format using ConvertXtoDVD, there is an message saying it doesn’t know the length of the file and if I want to enter the length or have it automatically find it. If I click “automatic”, then “convert”, then it says there is an error and the program stops. Does anybody know if these certain files are a different type of .avi files or not and how to burn them onto DVD as well?

Also, when using ConvertXtoDVD, in the file information bar, it said these files were .ogg but they still had the .avi extension. Using Gspot, it said these files were .ogm Are these any different from .avi?

Any help regarding this topic will be appreciated. Thank you!

I use WINavi Video converter its a free download …just choose the .avi to .vob key and it previews and encodes at the same time…then use nero to burn it

but to answer your question about your audio…it could be in a mp4 format in that case you’d have to convert it over as well
just a guess