Audio burning with the 52327

Today, I’ve been burning some audio CDs. There’s one thing that kind of freaks me out - the LED is sometimes red, sometimes it’s yellow.
The color of the LED lasts for an entire burn - if it starts with yellow, it’s yellow until the end, and if it starts with red, it’s red until the end.
As far as I know, the yellow LED means that there’s a buffer underrun problem. But I seriously don’t think that’s the main issue - I burn these discs with Burrrn, so all the necessary decoding is being done BEFORE the burning process, so there’s no decoding “on-the-fly”, what could lead to insufficient data rate. Besides, the program says that the buffer is 100% almost all the time, the largest drop I’ve had was 98%.

My CD-Rs are Sony, and I burn at 24x.

Any ideas? I’d be thankful.