Audio burning software?




A long time ago on another computer I used some software for burning Audio CD’s that could do the things I requests but I can’t remember which software it was or those functions are gone in the newer releases. I may have been Adaptec Easy CD Creator or maybe Roxios early versions, WinONCD 3.8.

My simple requests are
Ading MP3 to projects/Converting
Preview/listen to transitions between tracks (This is hard to find)
Adjust gap to zero
Adjust, trim, fade etc if necessary
Write CD Text.

Nero can do all of this except for the Preview/listen to transitions between tracks
I use Nero and I just tested Acoustica MP3 CD Burner 4.51 and I have also tested Roxio Suite 10 without any luck.
My burner is TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-202N SB02 (Samsung)

Please give some advice some I can burn my CD’s without annoying clicks and pauses between tracks that floats into each other or Live recordings.
Usually a track is the intro to the next one and then will a gap destroy the feeling.

And using Nero AudioEditor to trim the edges of the tracks if needed is very time consuming.


If i understood correctly you have tried to burn audio - gapless - with nero and not succeeded? Or is it that you just want to able to preview the transitions - which Nero does not do?

Nero can remove the gap no problem. If you feel uncomfortable with it, i can also suggest Feurio - although i am not sure whether it is updated regularly any more.



Right, it’s the previewing of the gaps or rather not gaps that I’m looking for.
Burning in Nero and adjusting to zero gap is no problem but sometimes one track is an intro to the next one and if the rip isn’t good I would like to cut or adjust them so you can’t really hear where the first track end and the next one starts unless you are looking at the player display. Live albums may be another application where it should be nice to have no gaps.
And burning a disk the hear a quiet gap or a tick and re-burn the disk is just annoying and time consuming.

Examples of tracks or albums that needs to be gapless
Beyond Twilight - For The Love Of Art And Making Part 1-43
Jupiter Society - First Contact/Last Warning track 1->2, 4->5->6

Winamp plays them perfect.

I have also tried Acoustica MP3 CD Burner 4.51 (build147) and here it is possible to preview or “Preview Mix” av they call it, it also have small editing possibilities but the preview is my opinion to short on the second track with approx 1s.

There must be a better burning tool /wave editor out there.

I have also tried Feurio but it’s is no good at all for my needs.
Audacity is the best so far for editing and then burn with Nero but since I have used it in the past I’m surprised that none of the new releases have this functionality.



It has not been updated in quite sometime. I wonder if it is compatible with Vista


CD Architect 5.2 from sony will do all you want. Be sure to get plug-in for mp3s. I use it all the time to make mix cds for nightclubs I work at as some wont let you smoke inside.