Audio Burning Problems With Nero

Hi. Just found your forum and hope you can help (System and burning specs are in my signature below).

Anyway, I got a new CD/DVD burner and it came with the Nero disk. I did a little reading about Nero, and went with the suggestion to only install the basic Nero 6, and not the other options it gives during install. I thought all was OK, as I have only been burning data CD’s so far. However, when I tried to burn audio CD’s, I’m running into trouble (these are from my existing files…I don’t download audio or DVD files from the net).

Actually, Nero has created two issues I don’t know how to handle.

  1. When I burn an audio CD, it works fine in my CD player, except it plays the songs in random order (I never know what song it’s going to start with, or what order it will play the rest of them).

  2. When I go through Windows Explorer and try to save songs from my existing CD’s to the hard drive (easier to play that way - from a music folder on the desktop), it saves all my .WAV and MP3 files as .CDA (WMP won’t recognize that format, so can’t play them). Also, when I check the CD I burned through Windows Explorer, it will show up data files on the disk, but none of the audio files I burned show up.

I was under the impression that Nero is supposed to be good burning software, but I’m still used to Adaptec Direct CD. Now, I guess I need to learn all over again. Anyway, any suggestions appreciated :slight_smile:

All the best…Larry (myst08)

.cda is the actual file extension for those songs on the cd…those songs are in .wav format on that cd…to get them off that cd you have to have an app like EAC or Cdex to get the results you want(i.e…wav/mp3)no drag and drop from explorer

as for the songs playing randomly…that’s a puzzle

you can try brrrn or cdburnerxpro …these are free

It’s actually Burrrn (despite the PC World naming) & the official website is

For audio CD’s I am using a combination of tools. FREE CD Ripper will create the MP3 files for you and tag them as well. To burn to CD I am using Ashampoo Burning Studio 6. Be sure to set up the files in the order you want the program to transfer them to the CD and you should not have a problem with playing them. BTW: Have you checked that your player is not set for random or shuffle mode?

Thanks to all for the replies :slight_smile: I’ll give these things a look, and see what they do. For now, I’m going to uninstall Nero and try a different program (one of the ones you recommended). Doesn’t matter, because I have the Nero disk and can reinstall any time. Still, if the others work better, the Nero CD will end up in “cold storage” in my CD cabinet…along with others I no longer use (like WMP 7, MS Works 4.5, etc…lol). Thanks again…

Well, I think I got it. Just wanted to post and let you know what I found out.

Anyway, burrrn didn’t work for me (could be my burner, or that I’m on W98SE and not XP). In any case, I uninstalled it. Just on a hunch, I reinstalled Nero 6 and tried again. This time, I burned “JUST” and audio CD, and it works fine…no problem. Could be that the one I burned before was mostly audio, but did have one data file on it. I thought I could do that OK, but apparently not. In any case, the audio CD is working fine, so I’ll just keep audio and data files on separate CD’s after this.

Thanks again for the assist :slight_smile:

All the best…Larry