Audio Burning Problem

Hey there, I’m having a weird burning problem and was wondering if someone could help me. It’s kinda hard to explain, so bear with me.

I recently bought a lite-on 48x (which is just sweet, btw), which came with Nero 5.0. When I burn music to cd now, tracks 1 and 2 are usually okay, but the tracks after that seem to have pieces of other tracks at the beginning and/or end of them. So, for instance, track 3 begins with the tail end of track 2. And it gets worse throughout the CD. This problem is happening on all of the audio CDs I burn.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Poor CD quality? Burning too fast? Is there a setting that needs to be checked on the burner or Nero? Any info you can provide is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks gang!


If you are burning in Track at Once, try burning in the superior Disk at Once mode. Let us know if this is the case, and if burning in DAO solves the problem.

if i had to guess its the mp3s your starting out with,

try making the mp3s into wavs first then burn and see if that fixes it

If you are burning audio, try Exact Audio Copy which is available free on the net and in my opinion far superior to Nero for top quality hi-fi.

I have done side by side comparisons on a Marantz reference cd player and sound wise it is like chalk and cheese.

Never tried it for MP3s though.

I am using WAV files, or at the very least, WMA files. Would WMA files make a difference?

I was just really concerned that there was something wrong with my new burner, though it’s burned data great. Any chance it could be?

At any rate, I’ll try your suggestions! Thanks MUCH for the help!