Audio buggy

Everytime i burn a music Cd it will play fine in my truck and home sterio but sounds like popcorn if i play it in the girlfriends new Mazda 3, my walkman, or in the sound system at the bar i work at, I have a windows 2000 system and win xp system both with the latest version of nero… and get the same result from both… my CDs always used to come out great of both machines no matter what i burnt with??

Hello and welcome to CDFreaks.

Some CD players simply do not properly support burned discs. Car CD players are notorious for being very picky.

I think i may have just eliminated it to a bad stack of disk’s… I burnt the same music (same settings)to a good CD RW and it payed perfectly in everyting… Lesson learned you get what you pay for :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply

You also could try special CD-R Media for Audio CDs.