Audio books

I have downloaded some free audio books that are in a mp3 format, they come in diffent parts. I am trying to copy all the chapters to a cd but they are to big, is there any way I can get them on one cd?

                        Thanks John

How big is “too big” here?

A CD holds 80 minutes (max) of audio. I use MP3DirectCut on my audio books. Most of my CD players can play MP3 formatted CDs so I use it to chop the larger MP3 into 6 minute segments so if I lose my place I can find it easier. A CD prepared this way can hold a 10 hour or longer book (depending on bit rate of the MP3). If your player only plays standard audio CDs, I’d chop the big file into 5 minute chunks and burn 16 of them per CD. DirectCut can automatically chop the file and save the cuts as individual pieces.

Thank you for your help the program MP3DirectCut worked perfect

johncv my experience on music to cd discs: do not excede 74 min. per disc not even with nero overburn,i have only had grief when 74 min is exceded…to help make better copies use setting that reduces lead out/in by 12 mb. good luck! :smiley:

Looks to me like johncv solved his problem 2 years ago

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