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Just a dumb question. If anyone has and uses Napster I was wondering if they had audiobooks up for download like the regular music? I enjoy listening to Audio Books at work on occasions as it gives you something to think about rather than just going brain dead listening to music all the time, hehe.


I get my Audiobooks from the PirateBay and


I use Napster and they do not have audiobooks.


I use but you have to pay for the books. I pay $21/mn for 2 books/mn subscription. You can even get some MP3 players that will play them. Right now they are giving away a MuVo 128 for free with a one month sub and $12.40 to ship the player. I think it is much better then burning all those CD’s.


Go to the iTunes store via iTunes and select Podiobooks. Their are free books there that will entertain you and its all free. Currently their are 98 books, some are Librivox (Public Domain) classics.
There are also scifi and fantasy such as Star Trek and a novel called Earthcore.

If your into old time radio like Flash Gordon and the Shadow its their too.

Check It out


Free audio books are available…legal cos they are public domain, classics etc


Gutenberg also has a section for (free) audio books.