Audio Book CD Problem



My public library offers thousands of audio books for download. Most can be downloaded only in a DRM protected WMA format, which does me no good since the CD player in my vehicle (Mazda CX-7) plays only MP3’s. I can work around this limitation by using SoundTaxi to turn the WMA files to MP3 files, which it does with adequate audio quality, at least for the spoken word.

My problem is that the MP3 files created by SoundTaxi exhibit somewhat unusual behavior. With most MP3 books the book starts where you left off after turning off the player. The SoundTaxi Mp3’s, though, often skip ahead 5-10 minutes after being restarted. This makes a book very difficult to listen to. Only SoundTaxi MP3’s exhibit this behavior, not those generated from other sources.

An MP3 checking program detected no errors in the files. I’m not sure what to do to fix the problem. Would re-encoding the MP3’s help? If so, what program would you suggest to do this. Any other suggestions?

Thanks for any advice.



Hi Mike and welcome to CD Freaks :slight_smile:

Regrettably we cannot help you with this lending copyright removal question. It is covered by the forum rules here:

It would be different if you had purchased the CDs or download, and wanted to make a back-up or copy for personal use.