Audio and video sync

I recently found this board and thought I could be able to get some help here.
Background info:
I’m in my first 5 months of owning a new imac.
I recently moved all of my stuff in to my new home with my fiance. I have a DVD collection around 150 ranging from the AFI “I heard a voice” concert to “300” to “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”.
Since I have so many movies and we are trying to conserve room, I thought I would RIP my DVD’s to the computer for backups and store the the originals, that way I could play them through Apple TV that I am getting.

So I downloaded Mac the Ripper to rip my dvds.
I am ripping them to VOB format.
I then downloaded Kigo Video Converter to convert them to mp4 format.
Seemed simple enough. The problem I am running into is that the audio isn’t syncing. The beginning of the video is fine. But starting at the 5-7 minute mark the audio plays before the video. By the end of the movie, it is delayed by like 10 secs. I have trying ripping and converting several movies (Live Free or Die Hard, 8 mile, resident evil: apocalypse, etc); all of them are turning out like these.

Am I doing something wrong? All Rippers that I have seen rip to the VOB format and everything that I am reading is that MP4 is the format that will play nice with mac. Any Help or suggestion would be appreciated.


The sync problem is almost certainly a result of the format change rather than the ripping process. Try Handbrake for the conversion. There is a version for Macs.

ok. I downloaded handbreak. I first tested this on “8 Mile”

It converted it to a .m4v format. The video looks good. But now, instead of getting delayed audio, I am getting no audio except for a LOUD buzzing cracking noise about every 45-60 secs.

Does anyone know of a walkthrough process that is posted here?
I’m feeling really dumb at this point.

.m4v is video only.

Change the output format to .mp4 And take a look at the general guide for Handbrake: