Audio and Video out of Synch

I have an .avi movie in my pc. When I got it, it wouldn’t play. I received a message about it having something to do with interleaving, I think the word was.

I use AutoGK to correct a lot of things so I gave it a shot. It did a terrific job. The picture is crystal clear and the audio is great but they’re out of synch. . . the video is ahead of the audio by 2 to 4 seconds.

I don’t burn my movies to DVDs. I keep all my movies in my external hard drives. What program can I use to correct this?


load the avi into VirtualDub or NanDub.
From the Video Tab select Direct Stream copy.
From the Audio Tab select Interleaving.
In the audio skew correction, enter a value until the A/V synchs
a negative value wil make the audio start earlier, postive will delay. From memory about 66ms is about one second. You’ll just need to try different values until you get it close. I usually go in intervals of 10 until I notice it getting close, then I’ll start going as low as 1 ms intervals. Once the A/V is in synch, leave the audio in direct stream copy, and save your video (save as).