Audio and video out of sync after downloading - SOMETIMES!

Hello, I am mystified. I have been downloading tv shows and movies for a while now and recently, there have been a few instances where the audio and video are out of sync. This is not when I burn them, its after I download the torrent and then play it on my computer using Nero. These are all XVID’s. Any suggestions/tips would be really appreciated.

i would recommend you check them in another video (media player) program and see if the lag still happens as i had a similar thing but with MP3’s that would play fine except in neros audio player

There are threads about this all over the place.

Possible solutions I have heard of are first, convert the files using another utility prior to putting them into NeroVision.

Second was a suggestion to replace the Nero Codec with another one. Renaming the file could be tried, but I suppose you would need something installed to replace it.

zwuijs has said using a file from an older version helps (this may be for a more involved problem).

Basically, it appears the Nero Codecs can’t handle certain types of files without having a audio sync problem.