Audio and Video not syncronized

Whenever I have to compress a movie too much (say… 60-70%), the audio and video are unsyncronized throughout the entire movie. I use DVD Shrink with DVD Decryptor to burn the dvds. I know it’s because the audio isn’t compressed and the video is, but is there any way to fix this?

Does it work okay with less compression?
Have you tried just copying the main movie?
60 - 70% seems a hell of a compression

For long movies compression is sh*t. I top my discs at 4300MB, and (as an extreme example) The Godfather still needs 54.7% compression with only AC3 5.1-ch sound. Longer movies (2.5-3 hrs) almost always need a lot of compression. Pearl Harbor needed similiar compression.

Oh and since I first noticed the problem I’ve been doing movie only. It helps for some DVDs where they stuff in 3 gigs of extras, but for many it doesn’t make a difference.

Is there an easy way to DVD shrink onto 2 discs?