Audio and Video Not Lining up

Sometimes when I iether change a .avi, .mpg ect… to DVD files, the Audio or Video Falls behind. And some times this doesn’t happen till I burn it, to DVD.
What is causing this problem, and how can I fix it, or avoid it in the future?

I am useing:

DVD Santa - To convert the Videos
DVD Shrink - To Burn the Video to DVD


your source avi is probably the issue. it has to do with the encoding. this is especially likely if it’s a downloaded file

you’d probably have to demux and manually align the audio and video, but i don’t know how that works. it’s been addressed before. you can try a search while you’re waiting for more input and you may be able to find something along the same lines as your question.

also, you do not burn with dvd shrink. that is impossible since shrink has never had a burning engine.