Audio and Video are out of sync on dvd! HELP

I am new here but I trust your rep here for knowing everything about copying anything!

I bought a dvd and the audio and the video are about 1.5 seconds apart (the audio is ahead of the video) How can i fix it? When i try ripping the dvd as an mpeg using tmpgnc the video and audio stall halfway thru, always at the same point. If i could do that i can stretch the audio with adobe premire. Is there a program that will rip it to an mpeg or other editable format while also avoiding the error above??

thanks for all your help, i appreciate it!

“I bought a dvd and the audio and the video are about 1.5 seconds apart”

If this happens on the original that you bought I would take it back and get a replacement.

"When i try ripping the dvd as an mpeg using tmpgnc "

Tmpgenc won’t rip a dvd. Use dvdshrink or dvddecrypter (both free) on the newer copy-protecet dvd’s.

After ripping if you want to make a mpeg of the ripped dvd on your hard drive use Tmpgenc dvd Author (different than Tmpgenc). Load the dvd (from your hard drive)in TDA. Save the output as an mpeg for editing. This way their’s no re-encoding etc and no loss of quality and much faster.

thanks alot i will give TDA a try, i will keep you posted

You could even use tools like IfoEdit / DVDlab to correct that timeset for video + audio.

you’re welcome and let us know of your success

how does info edit work? and are info edit and dvd lab different programs?

thanks for the help, i really appreciate it.

I demuxed the vob files, encoded the audio to ac3, delayed the audio 1500ms, and then i complied the dvd to the harddrive and burnt with clonedvd.


Glad to hear of your success

I have been following this thread as I have the same problem and looks like a few people do. So I guess I should look up DVD Lab? I wonder if it will work on what I have downloaded. Probably Pal and convert to NTSC that and they are DivX AVI. Do you think it will work? I’ll take a look for DVD Lab.

Wowsers! Big Bucks and probably in US currency too. Might be over my head to use. My problem is that when I play the video on my computer from the hard drive it is fine. When I burn it to disc and play the disc in Power DVD or on a stand alone player the sound and video go out of sync as the video progresses through the program. In Windows Media Player I get no sound at all. Do you experts, or smarter people, think that DVD Lab is the answer to my problem? That’s besides being very, very old and a flunky truck driver.

DVDLab is not a magical audio sync tool, it is a DVD authoring tool, that just happens to have an option to adjust audio delay in relation to video.
You can do this in many programs, virtualdub/mod, Goldwave, Audacity, Soundforge, to name a few.

My problem is that when I play the video on my computer from the hard drive it is fine.

What plays on your computer (probably in Windows Media Player), has almost NOTHING to do with what will play on a burned disk, or on a standalone player.

You need to find out what type of audio the file uses, at what frequency, and then transcode it to a DVD spec audio file.
Because the burn doesn’t have audio in WMP, I would suspect AC3, for which you have no decoder on your system.

If sync is out the same amount through the file, a simple delay at the beginning of audio will usually fix it.
If it is progressive desync (audio starts out fine, then get’s more out of sync through the file), it is usually much more difficult to fix.

For all these problems, there are already guides and hundreds of posts on fixing.

For beginners guide to DVDLab, start here:

30 day, fully functional demo available at

Thanks reboot! Looks like I have some work (and reading) to do. My problem is the sound progressively going out of sync. First to find out what type of audio it uses. I’ll look in the other posts to see how I do that.
Thanks for your patients.

In an effort to analyze the disc I used DVD Decrypter. Does this tell me what i need to know?

“0x80 - Audio - AC3 / 2ch / 48kHz / DRC / LBA: 34 / PTS: 00:00:00.284 / Delay: -33ms
0xE0 - Video - MPEG-2 / 720x480 (NTSC) / 4:3 / LBA: 1 / PTS: 00:00:00.317 / Delay: 0ms”

Does the “Delay: -33ms” tell me something? Do you think that is part of my out of sync problem?

I hate being a pain but even searching the forums I am having trouble finding a starting point. Most of the info is so vast and detailed and honestly over my head that I don’t know if I am even reading what I need to know for my problem. I have gathered that lazy noobies are not the favourite posters.

Converting pal to ntsc involves changing the video fps. This is typically where you get the audio video sync going out more as the video plays longer. If you look at your avi’s you will probably see a non-standard video fps mpeg 1/2 also. This type of audio sync is harder to fix than when the audio is the same thru-out the whole video. IMO the best way to fix this is to de-mux the audio/video. Encode the video/audio seperately. Check to see that the encoded audio/video are of the same length and correct if need be then mux the audio/video together. Better encoders will do a better job of syncing the audio/video when encoded together.

Over my head tigerman8u but thanks for the advice. I think when I have accidentaly done something I do read that the video is mpeg 2.
“de-mux” eh? Encode video/audio seperately. OK. Any ideas what program I should use for these processes?

This is my first time on this but I am having the same problem with A/V sync using pennicle studo 9 and trying to convert family videos to DVD. They usually start out in sync but go out of sync soon. I am using a 2.8 P4 with 1GB DDR ram. The machine is set to use Hyper threading. The MB has on board sound. I have tried both firewire from my digital camera and capturing as mpeg2 or DV as well as analog input capturing with a pennicle capture card. The analog capture usually also causes an additional problem with dropped frames. The out of sync becomes obvious during blayback on the machine as well as in a final burned DVD. I am wondering if i need to invest in a PCI sound card if that would make any difference. I don’t see how that would make any difference with the firewire input. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

Make sure you defrag your hard drive, and if you have two hard drives, make sure you capture to the one without the operating system on it. Also make sure that you shutdown unnecessary background tasks before capturing. I have done dozens and dozens of captures, without any sync issues at all by following these guidelines.

Thanks harley2ride. I am using two HDs. The primary is a 120gb 7200 IDE and the secondary is a 250gb 7200. I have been capturing to the secondary but the pinnacle studio 9 is on the primary. Does that matter? Thanks

You are doing like you should. I’m guessing that you are capturing to a pinnacle card? Is that correct?

Actually i have had better success capturing through firewire as a digital signal from my Sony digital camcorder. I tried to capture as analog with pinnacle card but I had some problems with dropped frames.