Audio and MP3 cd burning software?

What cd burning software are you guys using to burn Audio and MP3 CD’s? I’ve been using in the past acoustica however it doesn’t support CD-TEXT with my two DVD burners (Liteon SHM-165H6S).

Here recently I’ve been using Nero 8 but it gets annoying having to reorder my audio CD tracks because it wants to put all the tracks in alphabetic order regardless how I copy the files to the playlist.

Anyways just wondering if any of you have using anything that you find to be better then Nero 8 or Acoustica.


I like Burrrn, mainly for making audio CDs from mp3s, but it does support many other file types.

Bonus is, it’s small and free :slight_smile:

im with Arachne, as that’s all i use now for burning audio cd’s and it’s cause of this forum :wink:

Burrrn also loads up super fast and it’s interface is pretty straight forward.

p.s. Nero 8 is bloated (last good version of nero was version 6) and unless you use any of it’s fancier features your better off just using the ImgBurn (for DATA) + Burrrn (for AUDIO) combination for all your needs.

Thanks guys, I’m downloading and trying both now.