Audio and movie sincronization

Hi, it’s me again…

Now my doubt is about how to fit an audio file with the movie that I created with photos using the Win DVD Creator software… I can’t find this option exploring the software… :doh:

Example: I have an audio file with 4:32 minutes but the total playing time of the video is 2:21… how to adjust this timeline automatically ?

Thanks a lot !!! :wink:


How should this ever work?

Video and audio have to have the same length/time or you have to edit all properly.

Well, let me make myself clear…

When we drag photos onto the projetc, they automatically calculate the total time of this presentation. Let us say that, by default, this time is 0:10 seconds for each pic… Then if we drag 20 photos, the total time will be 2:00 minutes.

But, in the other hand, I have an audio file with 5:44 minutes, which will be cut off in the end of this 2:00 minutes presentation !

What I wanna know is how the software can adjust/fit this time automatically, without having to do one by one…

It can’t. You need to do some reading at, on how to create and edit. Do some searching on audio and video syncronization. View some tutorials on video editing and see what you have to do to add or remove audio from video. Then come back with more specific requests…

MemoriesOnTV has a check box to auto-sync your video to the duration of the audio.
Works perfect.

Thanks everybody for the answers… but, as I said in the beginning of this post, I don’t wanna work with video files, but photo ones…

I wanna make a DVD slide show with some pics. I use to do it with Nero Vision, but all transitions contained on it are very poor and the ones that came in the Win DVD creator are great !!!

But Nero Vision automatically fit the audio and the “video” (photo slides) files. Win DVD Creator no… :disagree:

Can you undersantand now ? :confused:

Sorry 'bout my english, I’m trying to make myself clear, but please considerate that I’m a brazilian guy… :bigsmile:

Thanks !!