Audio AC/3 5.1 640Kbps

My Input File to version 3.

(1) .MKV File
(2) Video is H264, 1260 x 544
(3) Audio is AC3, 5.1, 48000Hz, 640Kbps

After NTSC DVD conversion is complete, the audio remains AC3/5.1 @ 640Kbps and I think it should be 448Kbps to be DVD compliant. The 640Kbps audio is from Blu-Ray, and unless I am wrong, it should be a lower bit rate for standard DVD.

I do not see a transcoding down of the audio from the source. It looks like a pure copy of the source audio.

Is this correct?



Yes, when the audio is AC3, ConvertXtoDVD just copies it.

But the fact that it’s not 448k I will need to ask the developper if he should do something about it or it does nothing wrong to keep it at 664 or whatever.

First, thanks for the confirmation and hats off to VSO for preserving the original AC3 audio. Fantastic!!!

There are now BluRay files conataing 640 Kbps audio. CXD3 handles the video conversion with aplomb. However, one needs to separate the audio files and down-convert. I use an old copy of Soft Encode which I bought years ago. I then use DVD-Lab to remux the streams with a new menu added.

Maybe VSO and other experts here can suggest work arounds. Perhaps specific tools or a plug-in to down convert the audio.

Also, if you have a targeted DVD player that handles 640 Kbps audio on a standard DVD then there would be no need to convert anything.

I can give more information. I use DVD-Lab for authoring standard DVDs, and that program does not accept AC3 audio over 448 Kbps when compiling a standard DVD.