Audio – Digital Audio Extraction speed limited

I have a Samsung SH-S223F, and according to the the review I should be able to get decent digital audio extraction speeds.
My speeds are no where near the speeds as listed by the reviewer - it seems that I’m extracting at 8x speed (program independent - tried multiple programs).

any ideas?
I even tried different firmware revisions and modifications to the firmware but I am always limited with CD digital audio extraction.

the review

btw - these are legit extractions

Hi and Welcome!

your low DAE-speeds might have several reasons:

[li]You are extracting to some compressed format - this will decrease the average speed due to the time needed to compress the audio to mp3 or whatever.
[/li][li]Dirty and scratched discs cause the drive to slow down.
[/li][li]There are several read modes in DAE software like EAC. The “best” modes are slower.
[/li][li]There might be some compatibility problem with your drive and the Sata controller it is connected to. Please provide some information about that.
Before I forget: what is the CPU load during extraction? Task manager should give that information.


  1. I can plug my Pioneer 216D in via usb adapter and extract with the same program at full speed (very fast).
  2. This using the same CD.
  3. Not using EAC; but when I did I chose ‘burst mode’ and ‘spin up cd’ neither increase the extraction speed process.
  4. CPU utilization minimal; a 3.6GHz quad core with 8GB of RAM should be able to handle the extraction process with negligible impact on CPU resources.

using a sata port off from the mobo’s intel ICH10

and i just plugged my samsung drive in via usb and i am still getting only 8x extraction
so that eliminates the motherboard; it could be either the OS or the drive (most likely the drive)

Ok, it is very likely the drive then.
I would rule out OS and software since your other drive is not decelerated. :eek:

Unfortunately, I have no idea how this problem could be solved. :frowning:


OS and software ruled out - dual boot system into linux and the extraction speeds are same

Okay. It is the drive then.
I had another look into the review and found that the review drive came with firmware SB00. Perhaps TSST changed several things with their newer firmwares, perhaps there were also some hardware changes.
Going back to older firmwares is not a good idea since these have other flaws:


I did try other firmwares as well with no change.

I am terribly sorry but I did figure out what the problem was. It seems that I was using some mixed content CD’s for testing and the audio tracks for some reason rip only a 8x with the Samsung drive.

A true audio CD’s (non mixed content) rips at an incredibly fast speed.

A very strange occurrence nonetheless, but good to know what the problem was. And again my Pioneer 216D has no problem with the mixed content cd’s so if I ever come across these types of disc again, I will be sure to use my Pioneer, but otherwise my Samsung will be the drive of choice.

Thank you for your attempts to provide assistance - much appreciated.

Ah, okay. Glad you got it sorted and thank you for reporting back :slight_smile: