Audigy2 & Inspire 6700 Configuration



i bought an Audigy2 and the Inspire 6700 (6.1) speakers. I’m happy with the quality. But i have some problems (well, i don’t know if they are really problems). So here’s the point: in “EAX Advanced Console HD”, in CMSS 3D separator i have 2 options: CMSS and CMSS2. CMSS is for multi-channel music and CMSS2 is more oriented to DVD/Dolby Digital. So when i play a MP3 i observe this:

  • with CMSS activated i ear music from all speakers but the sound from rear speakers are lower than front speakers;
  • with CMSS2 activated i only ear music from lateral speakers (front right & left and rear right & left), but in this case, the sound from rear speakers is equal to front speakers. So there is no sound from front centre and rear centre speakers.

Where’s the problem?

Thanks a lot,
skywalker :slight_smile:


An update: the problems that i explain before only happens when i have selected presets of Advanced EQ (Pop; Rock; Latin; etc.).

In other presets i hear sound in all but i guess Rear Centre is in Mono Mode.