Audigy 5.1 problems

Audigy 5.1 complications

I think I have a real mystery on my hands. I bought a retail Audigy MP3 sound card. I have Logitech Z-560 speakers and Windows 2000 Professional. Audigy is a 6 channel card, right? The Audigy Surround Mixer is properly configured to 5.1 speakers and so is the sound link in control panel. The Audigy Surround Mixer test successfully has sound come out of all
5 speakers–including the center speaker. But that is the only time the center speaker even works. No sound comes out of the center speaker during any media player playback, games, or DVD play. What is going on? Why does Surround Mixer get sound out of the center speaker but nothing else does? The only thing I can think of is that I recently replaced my other DVDROM with a Toshiba DVDROM and I did move the Audigy card back and forth between two PCI slots. But that should not matter, right? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am planning on building a new computer soon using the A7N8X deluxe and am seriously considering using the on board sound instead of another Audigy. I really would like to figure this out before that.

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