Audigy 2 Platinum + DTT3500 Digital


So now i got all installed… I got the Cambridge Soundworks DTT 3500 Digital 5.1 speakerset. I’ve tried it with SB Live!, SB Live! 5.1, Philips Seismic Edge and now i got myself an Audigy 2 Platinum, so with a Live Drive (or what’s that thing called)


As in… no matter what i try and how i connect everything, when running the test supplied with the drivers, i ONLY get sound for ‘front left’ and ‘front right’. I.e. the test where it produces sound (either voice or noise) from every speaker sequentially. I don’t get any center or rear speaker sound. I can get sound from those when messing around, but as far as I can understand that isn’t dolby digital, but it’s using sound from front channels and converts it to the other ones?

Does ANYBODY know in just a couple of straight steps how to optimally configure and connect? I can use the normal plugs on back of soundcard, I can use optical from the livedrive (speaker control unit got optical in), I can use the SPDIF from livedrive (that one doesn’t give me any sound atm) (speaker unit got SPDIF in as well).

And how to configure the software/speakers in that case? I’m getting tired of this, I don’t understand it!

I hope somebody has a similar system and can help. Or is just more into this than I am… and can help.

If it’s easier to contact me directly, catch me in MSN:

Thanks in advance!

Don’t use the sound card test…i have a simular problem with my Klipsch GMX 5.1’s and i use the test from my controller that came with my speaker system. There is a test on my controler to set speaker volumes. If you have such a test on your controller. Don’t worry about the test on your Audigy 2 ZS Pro. program …you need to only test on the controller for you speakers with the digital out selected…hope this helps

The best method for testing Dolby 5.1 is to download and play the file AC3test.vob:

(Thanks to Valex, the author of AC3Filter, for posting this file.)

Try playing this VOB file and see if the speakers are setup properly. I assume that you also have the Digital Output Only box checked under the Master volume control in the Creative Surround Mixer. You can find this checkbox by clicking on the + above the Master volume control slider.


I am in the exact same predicament as you.
Have you managed to resolve the problem?

Best regards