Audible difference between burners?

Saw this over at CDRinfo and wondered myself…
Is there much of a difference in the sonic quality of music burned with various brands of DVD writers? I see various terms like jitter, C1 & C2 errors mentioned when it comes to write quality, but how audible are those errors, or does it have more to do with skipping or just not playing at all. Does it affect the dynamic range of recordings? How do Plextor 708, Pioneer DVR07, Lite-on LDW811 and NEC2500 compare to your ears when it comes to sound quality of burned CDs when played through a home stereo CD player? Has anyone tried a comparison, using the same media?


you seem to have a very weird idea of how digital audio works :slight_smile:

no, there is no difference whatsoever between sound quality achieved by different burners.

the C1 and C2 errors that are mentioned in reviews are all usually “recoverable” - in the end the data is read successfully from the disk. they are used as a way to judge the quality of the media or the burner and if they are rare enough(C1 will always occur, but good quality is no C2) you can be sure your discs will be read without any errors.

the lower-quality media may show very much of C2 and probably even unrecoverable errors - such media may not be readable at all in some drives, audio may skip, loop or have noticable glitches, but any such cases are considered unusable. even a single unrecoverable error is too much - you may think an occasional defect in a song isn’t fatal, but in the case with a data cd it can make a whole program unusable. so if there’s a probability for such errors for a certain media and burner, it’d be most likely marked as unusable in the review.

so if a burner can use a given media, that means there will be no differences in audio quality than any other burner. any difference means an error, an incompatibility between this burner&media and that would be a big minus for the burner and would be clearly marked in reviews.

Thanks georgir,
I’m still learning so I wasn’t sure. Thanks for the info!