Audials 8 not working with youtube files



I have Audials 8 and I am trying to listen to and record songs (audio only). If the song is from youtube, I cannot play the file. If it’s from esnips or other sites it will play and record with no problem. Is anybody else having this problem or know how to fix it?


Sorry, no. I don’t use Audials. MP3MyMP3 records from Youtube with no issues however. MP3MyMP3 is free to use, but be careful installing it. I think the last time I did so, they wanted to also install a bundled program called Relevant Knowledge. [B] Make certain to opt out of installing this optional program.
MP3MyMP3 will record in .wav files or mp3 format.


You might want to try it this way.
Download the YouTube video with:
Youtube Downloader HD
This will let you download the YouTube video in the quality it is on the YouTube site.
Either .flv or .mp4 .
Then you need Audacity . I’m using Audacity 1.3.12-beta (Unicode) it has the FFMPEG & LAME for Audacity libraries. Depending on the audio format you want you will need these libraries.
Open the YouTube video in Audacity & export in the audio format you want.
.wav for example . I think you will find this better than trying to record while listening.