Audacity Help With Windows 7



I bought a USB turntable to rip from my computer using the Audacity software. It worked fine with my windows Vista but I have upgraded to Windows 7. I found a update but can’t make the program work. It is NOT hearing the record. Can anyone help me? I can’t find any help on anyplace for Audacity. O ya and is a Tages Protection A come with Audacity? My computer keeps telling me the driver for Tages A Protection is not compatible.


Tages is usually found on pc games. It should have nothing to do with Audacity.

In Win7, click on Start–>Control Panel–>Sound. Click on the Recording Tab and see if Stereo Mix is listed. If not, right click in the window and put a check mark in Show Disabled Devices. Stereo mix should show up and you can enable it.

I’m not sure this is the solution, seeing that I’m still learning Win7, but it might work.


Well I went in and looked there is nothing that says stereo mix at all. My recording device says its a sigma hi tel def audio CODEC. All I get is a line and I should be getting a wav bar. When I right click to show all disabled devices there are NO disabled devices. Any other suggestions?


No Win7 here(yet), but check your Audacity settings…


What model computer do you have? After a brief search on Google, it seems many people are having problems with the SigmaTel Audio drivers.

Here is the solution one guy found:

and another:

I don’t know that either would apply for your computer. You might inquire about your problem at that Win7 forum though.


Just a suggestion for a possible temp workaround if this still isn’t working for you, but have you considered WinXP Mode, its a free download but only if you have Win7 Pro or Ultimate, it worked for one software I have which worked in Vista Ultimate but refuses to run in Win 7.


Well Windows XP MODE says I need Windows 7 Ultimate or Premium and I have the Home version. I tried what Kerry56 suggested and downloaded the thread the other guy found that worked but then I had NO sound at all whatsoever.


You’ll need to roll back the sound driver then (go to the previous driver). You didn’t tell us the make and model computer you have, so I had no clues for determining which drivers might work.


Thanks I got it. Yo have all been very helpful. Turns out I just had the wrong version.