Auction software pirate says sorry

I just posted the article Auction software pirate says sorry.

A US software pirate who used online auctions to tout his wares has been forced into making a public signed confession by the SIIA.

Julian Kish said he was “very sorry” for what he had…

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Clever way of BSA to try and convience people that copying is not ethical… If they would just lower them gaddemn prices

Copying software and then selling those copies is illegal and should not be done… Just the same as you should not cheat on your taxes, jaywalking or speeding… :wink:

we are all guity of breaking the law. i’m sorry he got caught and that he lost his job :frowning:

If the BSA gives me money, I’ll buy the original CD’S!! Until that time, yeah :7 I’ll keep on copying!!! HAHAHAHAHA :d