ATTN: Defective Philips CDD4801 and PCRW804 CDRW drive owners!

Hi, anyone who owns a Philips CDD4801 or PCRW804 (the same drive only the CDD4801 is OEM) if you are having problems, or have already replaced your drive within the first 3 years of new ownership. Please send me an email explaining the problems and how long you have had this drive. Most if not all of you will have this drive as original equiptment install in a new PC you bought from Compaq, HP, Gateway, or other name brand.
I had to replace my Philips CDD4801 drive after only about burning 40-50 CD’s. In my case that was about 21/2 years. I have a Gateway PC and was lucky I have a 3 year warrantee. Gateway replaced my Philips with a new LG. But most of you are not so lucky and your warrantee is only a year. I’m collecting statements from eveyone who has this drive and it has failed on them in less than 3 years, so that we can take to Philips and demand they replace this model with a different one or reimburse all of us who had to take money out of our pocket to buy a new drive. The more statements I get the better chance we have against Philips, so send them in to me.
Thanks Netwerkjim

I didn’t relize I was the only one with a problem. I’ve had my drive for just about 3 years now. It worked fine untill this past summer. First it wouldn’t spin up when a blank cd-r was inserted, it now refues to read any cd (cd-r or otherwise). I actualy found your thread while searching for a firmware update.

Not bad! You got some use out of your unit. Mine quit after barely 1o CD Writes. Now it won’t even read anything. I tried the onvious, firmware upgrade, contacting Philips support (useless) but have had no succes.
Where do we go from here? It would be a good idea to start an action vs Philips cause theses units have a proven defect rate.

I have two dead PCWR804’s here: mine, and a friend’s who I just installed a new burner for. Mine gets power but just sits there and blinks… my friend’s is completely dead, no power, no nothing. Both drives went out when they were almost 2 years old.

Just for kicks I swapped the circuit board from mine and put it in my friend’s drive, thought I might could make one working drive out of two dead ones, but no go, still sits there and blinks at me. The other one still gets no power. Must be bad boards in both of them.

Mine still works fine… and is more than 3 years old. Heh 8x CDRW writer. Damn… when I bought it nobody else had a CD Writer. =) Now I have a 16x DVD writer =)