ATTN:Dee-27 and or LIGGY



Well i have a question.Here goes i’m looking to replace my NEC3500.
If you DEE-27 :bow: or LIGGY :bow: would please advise which drive MFG or drive model would be a good replacement i.e. another nec,lity,benq and so on.
My nec has done me very well and you two have done an awesome job on the firmwares so i would like your honesty on what would be a good replacement.
My media is basic verb’s, fuji, ritek=ridata 8x media +r’s -r’s and fuji 16x =ritekf1
usually what bestbuy has on sale but i’ve kept it to fuji’s and the verbs my ritek ridata is usually from newegg.
P.S. i don’t post to much usually i figure things out by searching but on this matter your opinion does matter to me. :bow: :bow: :bow:


The AD-7170 and AD-7173 are very good in my experience.
No drive IMO messures up to the ND-3500. If it’s not broken, hang on to it. :slight_smile:


Well thanks for the reply.
No the 3500 is still tick’n.
But was looking for another drive to put in my other system the 3500 is not available
So i thought i would ask the experts for advice.:>).


[I]Sorry for interrupting this conversation, but…[/I]

By the way, avoid Ritek’s [B]8x[/B] DVD[B]-[/B]R (dash) media, RITEK G05.
It’s known to have bad stability.
(Ritek’s DVD[B]+[/B]R (all speeds) and [B]16x[/B] DVD[B]-[/B]R are ok though.)

Check your discs for readability! :slight_smile:
If transfer rate tests (CD-DVD Speed benchmarks) don’t look good anymore, it’s time for a new backup.


Well my batch of riteks -r’s are from 3 years ago. Sounds like i may have to avoid my future purchase of the minus’s.
Also what does this mean=DON’T BUY RITEK BLANK MEDIA!
Ritek is on the forefront of RFID implementation into DVD and its HD successors!
Please advise on this quote kg_evilboy.


F.Y.I. nec 3500a still available at just purchased one last week for 39.00 .Had bought a lh20ahi was not happy at all.searched web and found another 3500, happy again.


Nice find. :iagree: