Attention LiteOn Gurus: Please help with 1653S CSOT

Hello! I have a 1633 CF to 1653 CSOT. The problem lies within CD-R/RW Burning/Reading. Immediately after crossflashing, I reset the learned media via the super utility

The Media I’m trying to read is:
Disc Type CDR (A+)
Manufacturer CMC Magnetics Corporation
Material Phthalocyanine
Media ID 97:26:66
Length 79:59:71
Capacity 702.80 MB
Free Size 0.00 MB
Free Blocks 0
Total Tracks 1
Maximum Read Speed 47x
Maximum Write Speed 47x
Current Write Speed 47x CLV
Write Speed Performance Descriptor 1 47x CLV
Write Speed Performance Descriptor 2 39x CLV
Write Speed Performance Descriptor 3 32x CLV
Write Speed Performance Descriptor 4 24x CLV
Write Speed Performance Descriptor 5 15x CLV
Write Speed Performance Descriptor 6 7x CLV

This media was written with the 1653S at 48x. The results I get when scanning at 40x are:

I have tried scanning at lower speeds (16x, 24x) and do get good results (C1 avg 30, C2 avg 0 /C2 Max 7.

I know this is an old drive, but I have not burned many cd’s on it, mostly dvd’s. For someone who would like to purchase a new drive as a last resort, are they any steps I should take that I haven’t mentioned.

Thanks for the assistance!


Have you tried writing to this media with slower speeds?
Does other media work well?

C2 max and total should be 0 for a healthy CD.

That’s definitely worrying, but having said that, LiteOn DVD burners aren’t too trustworthy when it comes to quality scanning CDs. :wink:

Edit: Mind you, they’re not seen as reliable CD scanners because they tend to be too forgiving…I don’t think that’s a problem here :wink:

I would try and find someone, a friend maybe, with a BenQ drive, and scan the CD on that.

As Evilboy said, no decent CD burn should have C2 errors. And definitely reduce the burn speed, perhaps to 32x or 24x.

Thanks for the tips guys. I will try reducing the burn speed tomorrow to test it out. I do not have a friend with a Benq drive, however my dad has a NEC 3520. Would that be more accurate?

As for other media, the drive burns DVD media just fine, (have been using DVD+R and +R DL). I don’t burn many CD’s so a spindle of 50 will last me over a year.

I was thinking that since I do not burn that many CD’s that the drive has not had a chance to learn an optimised writing strategy or something along those lines. Is there any truth to that? I mean if I burn on the same media more times shouldn’t the quality improve as the drive “learns”?

Thanks again.

Oh, and if either of you had to recommend a drive that is well rounded, meaning it burns CD-R/RW, DVD±R/RW DVD±RDL well…what you recommend. I’m hoping that I do not have to purchase another, but maybe I can disguise it as a X-Mas gift :wink:

Ok, I think I can work this in as a X-Mas gift…what burner would you recommend for well rounded burning quality and good reading ability.

Having the latest/greatest speed is not a priority. Quality is tops.

NECs usually scan CDs well. You can use it.

For CD-R burning, there are only 10 strategies (type 0-4 long strategies (cyanine, azo), type 5-9 short strategies (phthalocyanine)). No need for learning IIRC.

LiteOn LH-18A1P is a nice drive. :slight_smile: