Attempting VHS to DVD


Looking for some thoughts on a problem I am having, so thanks in advance for any provided.

I am trying to burn some DVDs from VHS. The problem I am having is the final result on DVD when played in my home player connected to my 36" TV.

I can capture the VHS, encode it to DVD and burn it off. During the capturing part everything looks fine. After burning off to DVD and playing it on my computer using a 19" LCD, I see some slight noise toward the bottom of the screen. Its not a big deal as its very small and almost unnoticeable. But, when I play the same DVD using my TV player, and projected on to a 36" screen, the noise is suddenly at the top of the screen and much larger.

I am thinking that this could possibly be due to the VCR and with each larger projection the off tracking becomes more pronounced.

Looking for some thoughts.



It sounds like it maybe a media problem - what media are you burning to - and with what program?

Are you using an “enhancer” like a Sima CT-1 or -2?


Hi Bigmike7,

The media I am using is TDK +R 4X. The one I am using at the moment is off the same spindle that I copied a DVD to a few days ago which came out perfectly. I have also tried a few out of the same spindle just in case it was one bad one.

I used Roxio Easy Media Creator and also Win DVD Coder/Producer with same results on both.

After reading your responses to a few other threads on the subject of VHS to DVD, I bought the Sima CT-2 and it seems to work perfectly.


Can you just make the ISO and not burn directly? In this case I suggest you load the ISO in Daemon Tools and see if you still have the problem when playing on the PC. This will help you isolate the problem.

If the noise is only in the top and bottom scan lines, you need to crop the capture and/or reconfigure the aspect ratio/resolution that you capture at.

It is normal to have interference at the bottom after capturing- it means you are getting the entire signal including the part that TVs normally obscure during playback. The shift to the top could be occuring in your encoding/authoring package when converting to MPEG2.

Check this out for more info:

i see what your saying as i’ve been haveing the same problem thanks

Do it the easy way Mike. Check this
VHS to DVD ( 1 2 3 )

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Hey Mike and Sport, that CT-2 works great got mine for 69.99 at tigerdirect. thanka again for all the input. CINDI :slight_smile: PS thanks cd freaks for sending me a B-DAY wish!!!

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Glad to hear that your Sima works well for you - amazing what a little “enhancer” will do - isn’t it-