Attempted to Softmod my Xbox with Hotswap Method

Attempted to softmod my Xbox with softmod method but it appears to have gone awry. I had the ISO disc prepared and my PC with Xbox next to each other. Firing it up with the power cable out of the DVD drive to generate the 12 or 13 error code I then swapped the IDE cable with the PC one after pressing Pause/Break on the PC and then I proceeded. I pressed 1 to go into the VGA console then xboxhd and it saw the hard drive. I pressed 1 again to prepare a new Xbox hard drive from scratch from which it first went to format the drive with success after a considerable length of time and then it went to rebuilding C-Drive. It also said at the top while it was doing this that I could optionally prepare the E partition since it is empty, but after many hours it just sat there and all I get now is timeout.