Attempt to summarize Philips/Dell/Benq info



From reading numerous posts on this forum it APPEARS, that the Philips 1600 series drives, the Dell/Philips 8631, and the BenQ 1600 series are all virtually the same drive, and that you can flash the drive with Philips firmware, Benq firmware, or the Dell firmware. And if I’m reading all of this correctly, the main benefit to flashing the benq firmware is more support and higher write speeds on more media types. It would be nice if we could get some kprobe scans from two or three assorted medias, from someone with all three firmwares to see just how much difference there is in actual write quality. I have the Philips/Dell 8631 using the CD21 firmware, and burned a tyg02 8x -r at 4x, and a ritek g03 4x -r at 4x, and both kprobes showed average pif of 0.00. Are others getting the same results from these same media’s?


An average PIF of 0.00…that’s a 100% quality score. Never seen this before, I believe this would be the first zero PIF disk. Post a scan please, if you can post a nero quality scan.

I believe people whom get great results with the Benq firmware don’t want to change.
Why should they… with such great results, never change a winning firmware.
I certainly don’t want to take the risk with changing to Dell firmware.


It’s not necessary a 100% quality score… and 0 PIF.


I actually ran my first two scans with the firmware loaded on the drive (9D01), and then upgraded to CD21. I’ll run new scans tonight of the same two brands of dvd’s with the CD21 and see if they come up the same.


I misunderstood this, sorry…but indeed a great burn. PIF max 2 and PIF total is 47.
In Nero scan it would be a 99% quality score. I have a Philips 1601 oem version flashed to Benq1620pro. Works great for me.
Only a bit sad that I have bought 6 spindels of 25x FUJI TY media. Only with 1 spindle I got those results like you. Now I always get a spike at 0.5 GB and some spikes a bit later. But the overa PIF total is mostly below 200. These results are also very good.

The quality score is not always what it looks. I believe total PIF is important, so I ignore the spikes and look at the total of PIF errors.

I sent my Liteon 411s to heaven with experimenting with the eeprom flashing. Better be gentle with your Liteon.



How did you manage this ? No backup ?