Attempt to Modify Registry "Backup NoCd burning"

Sorry for the probably silly question, but I couldn’t find the answer by searching.

I have just recently started Backing up my Music CD’s with my computer. I had a stand-alone burner before, so this is pretty new to me.

First of all here is my Software/computer specs

I already have AnyDVD and CloneDVD 2’s newest versions for my movies. Roxio was preinstalled on my computer, (Dell XPS/ Windows XP Media.) so I am using ANYDVD and Roxio to make my Music CD backups. I have a Pioneer 111 and a Philips 8801(benQ) DVD for burners.(I am copying “on the fly” at 16X)

I also have Adaware and real time Adwatch on my computer.

Here is the issue. When I click the Start button on Roxio to make my backup, ADWATCH tells me there is an attempt to modify my registry: Software/Microsoft/Windows/currentversion/policies/explorer
Value: Backup nocd burning
I tell it to Block the attempt, and I can make my backup no problems.

I assume this is a DRM issue due to SP2 on XP.

If I ALLOW the registry modification will Anydvd’s copyright removal tool STILL allow me to make my back-ups? Or will I be screwed and not be able to make any more backups of my collection.

It is a PITA to constantly have to block the modification.

Also please feel free to post any tips/tricks for CD burning that you feel are important even if not directly related to my original question.

Thanks in advance

If it make any modification the program files of AnyDVD your account will be deactivated. I do not think this is what you are referring too though. So AnyDVD should still work.

I think what is happening is that Windows sees a copyright protected CD in the burner and tries to modify my Windows Registry in some sort of attempt to prevent my computer from making backups of protected CD’s.

ADwatch is set up to not allow any modifications without me accepting/approving the change.

The modification attempt is directed towards Windows , not the ANYDVD software.

I am afraid that if I allow the modification, it might somehow affect how Roxio or AnyDvd works…throwing a monkeywrench in the works so to speak.

Thanks for the response

For example MediaMax audio disc protection installs a device driver on your windows system to prevent you to copy the disc. This will happen secretly when you insert the disc and autoplay is enabled. So if I were you I wouldn’t allow the registry modification and according to your post everything works fine without allowing it.

I’m not familiar with MediaMax, but that sounds like what I was thinking might happen.

I know my stand-alone Philips CD recorder would allow me to make backups from an original with no problem, but if I tried to copy a copy, it would flash “copy protection” The only way around that was to play the copy through an external source and record on the Philips in “real time”, no high speed dubbing.

I’m glad I have Adwatch, or else the modification would have taken effect without my knowledge. You would be surprised how many times I block something that tries to load in the background while I’m on the Net. It may not always be malicious, but I’d rather not let it into my system.