Attack of the Clone T's

Hey, that’s some $*@! I tried to buy a clonecd t-shirt and they don’t sell to us folks in the US I think. Currency was in a different format and didn’t allow the use of USD$. And VAT? We don’t charge no stinking VAT in the US! :slight_smile:

Wrong forum, a post like this is not needed here.


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You’ll notice upon inspection, that the VAT is only charged on the European orders. If you follow the payment process you will indeed find U.S. orders can be placed. There is even a shipping price link for the various states. The prices do remain in Euros but if one pays by credit card all that will be adjusted anyways.

I’ll close the thread for now, im sure your aware of the correct method of ordering in the USA.

NOTE: Becarefull not to bash Clone CD, a lot of people around here are die hard fans.