Attack Force

I’ve been using AnyDVD just recently and has been fine until I tried to backup Steven Segal’s “Attack Force.” On four different computers with four different DVD burners the rip process fails at 90% with the error “too many navpaks.” I typically used AnyDVD to rip the DVD to hard drive and simply store the complete movie for future use. This is the first time in over 2000 backups that AnyDVD has failed me in the ripping process. Anybody have any idea why it will not rip this particular dvd? I am able to copy the entire DVD (pre-ripped) to a folder on my HD with no problem but, tried using AnyDVD to rip that still causes the same error at 90%. Any help would be appreciated.

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This doesn’t help me any. I saw that post about using a dvd recorder. I want to be able to rip it in its entirety and put it on a HD to burn at a later date. In essence the HD copy will be the master. I want to know why ANYDVD cannot, for some reason, handle a complete DVD rip of “Attack Force.” Please read carefully before responding.

We all had a problem with this movie and AnyDVD fixed it and everyone was successful. It was a looping problem at the beginning of the disc. You may have a bad source disc. This is the only reason I can think of for that error. What software you using with AnyDVD?

It can. :flower:

I use no other software with ANYDVD. I simply rip to HD. Later on I may use DVD Vault or Clone DVD to put it on a DVD blank but, typically I simply save to HD and use as a master. Most of the time I play the movie on a dedicated computer displaying on a 32 inch LCD monitor of my home theater. I also went and got another copy of the DVD at Blockbuster and came up with the same problem. If the problem was resolved, as you’ve mentioned, then what was the solution? Neither any of my older versions of ANYDVD could deal with this movie, as well.

Trying using software and AnyDVD, something like CloneDVD2 to rip it or Shrink instead of using the AnyDVD Ripper. I think it will work. Everyone that had the looping problem did not have it after the Update to Did you try another copy of the disc. Like I said it may be a bad source disc. The AnyDVD ripper is only for discs that are hard to rip not using the regular way. Try enabling Safe Mode.

The DVD did copy completely only if used in conjunction with compression software. Odd, I really shouldn’t need to do that but, if it works, then I won’t complain. Thanks.

I also went and got another copy of the DVD at Blockbuster and came up with the same problem
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