Attack Force

could not copy this movie ,Attack Force
no error message went thru with no problem
all I got was the previews of other movies
I tried several times ,same results
did it the old way on a dvd recorder and it copied and played with no problem
all other new movies I GOT WORKED FINE
I have done many many dvd’s with AnyDvd and Clone for years
I never post,but thought you people would like to know about this problem with Attack Force

Inkadinkado -

Suggest reviewing the below Forum Posting ->


sorry if I did not do this right , I only wanted to let people know that there is a problem with that DVD
this was my first post and my last post
i will mind my own business from now on

all i could copy was main movie and get it to play-all of it will copy using anydvd and clonedvd2, but will not play- just copy main movie- if u use dvdshrink just use reauthor feature to copy just movie off disk

Well, if you feel there’s a problem, you need to contact Slysoft. Please do the following if you do:

I understand from another forum that dvdfab decrypter will rip this, but can only do Movie Only, not full dvd.
This is a problem dvd, as folks using Ripit4me are also having problem. Some suggest that it has same protection as Silent Hill.
See this thread, post # 4:

@other folks
Wow! This forum seems to be tough on newbies, IMHO. I for one think ink did us a favor in informing about this troublesome DVD, and we responded by what, scaring him off. Not exactly a membership incentive drive, again, IMHO.

I sincerely doubt anyone was attempting to scare ink off.

jamoskeag3 –

Could you explain how my #2 posting was “scaring off” Forum Member inkadinkado?

The AnyDVD Forum Read First posting titled “New posters with ripping/burning problems” that I referenced Forum Member inkadinkado to was specifically authored by Forum Member Webslinger to assist Newbies with their problems.

Forum Member inkadinkado decision not to avail himself to the information contained in the AnyDVD Forum Read First posting titled “New posters with ripping/burning problems” was solely his decision.


I think if someone is good enough to alert of a potential problem the correct response is, thank you.


Sure, be glad to explain.
Read his post #3. Says it all.
As my Mom always said, “the proofs in the pudding.”

IMHO, the appropriate response at posts # 2 would have been, “welcome ,thanks for the info, and BTW have you seen X yet, as your new to the forum”

But you do whatyou want.
Perhaps you did not realize that the dvd was truly a problem disc. Well now, thanks to him and others you and the forum do. Id consider this a contribution to the forum’s knowledge base, and unfortunately, thanks to some , he’s gone. Again just my thoughts.
You have a good night now, ya hear.

That’s great. The OP could go the distance and also contact Slysoft so the issue can be addressed. If he or she has, then the OP has my sincerest appreciation in addition to my thanks for posting here.

That said, had the OP responded to BeLooken’s post, the forum would have a lot more information–than simply a title with no region information (protections can differ from region to region).

Any warning of a potential problem is better than no alert at all. The fact that the OP posted at all showes good will intentions on his part. I dont understand what could be wrong with a thank you. Is thank you a dirty word here? Does some fault have to be found BEFORE favor or should good will be accepted with favor first and correction after.

I couldn’t disagree more. False warnings, user error, and vague information can waste time and do more harm than good (I’m not saying the subject of this thread is a false warning). Furthermore, I have no doubt BeLooken merely wanted to help the OP try to solve the problem with this title.

Regardless, I definitely respect the OP for his or her gooldwill.

I won’t be replying in this thread further.

Somehow, some of you folks are missing the intent of my posts.
I was saying that the original poster deserved a little politeness and a welcome, IMHO, as opposed to an unwelcome direction to the so-called proper forum decor, which BTW is not a mod’s thread.
Id like to know the empirical support for the previous posters generalized red herring conjecture: that is, the unsubstantiated fear that it might potentially be a false warning. [B]This is a problem DVD, period[/B][B].[/B] Nothin false about that!
My God, if we had to prove eveything before posting, this forum would come to an abrupt halt.
Certainly, folks are free to decide whether to reply or not.

@Pshaw, i could not agree more!!

jamoskeag3, Some people may not want to get the point, at least thats how it seems.

I freely admit that I error and that I should have provided a Forum Welcome and a Thank You to Forum Member inkadinkado for providing his information and I apologize for not doing so.

I have been frequenting the Forum for over 2 ½ and aware that many times a new Forum Member who states that they are using the “Newest Up To Date Versions” of AnyDVD and CloneDVD but closer review finds that the user is not in fact doing so and in some instances is actually using the Clone.Net version of CloneDVD. Using old outdated versions of AnyDVD-CloneDVD or even Clone.Net version of CloneDVD can cause a problem similar to what Forum Member inkadinkado was reporting.

My referencing Forum Member inkadinkado to the AnyDVD Read First “New posters with ripping/burning problems” addressed all those possibilities.

My #2 posting which lacked a cordial Forum Welcome and a Thank You was not a hostile or an imposing posting that would cause anyone to feel they needed to crease involvement in the Forum. That decision was solely Forum Member inkadinkado decision and in my opinion an over reaction to the situation.


BeLooken, I think we can all fall into a trap of seeing the bad before the good but I think we should try to avoid that. I guess if everyone could remember their first post and how they were greeted they may be more careful. New people are needed or the fourm may not long endure. I hope inkadinkado sees you have apologized.


I too can not copy this movie: Attack Force. I am using the latest versions of AnyDvd and CloneDvd2 I tried copying the movie 3 ways. Made into .iso image and burned with Nero using a 8x and 2x speeds. I tried copying the movie with anydvd and clonedvd2 by burning straights to dvd using 2x and 8x speeds. Kinda funny a low budget movie can not be copied but Miami Vice can. I am not going to by any more products from Slysoft… lol