Attack Force DVD problem!

Hello I am using AnyDVD build and CloneDVD build

I made a backup copy of Attack Force but for some reason it will not play right in my DVD player. It just keeps playing the Warning logos thing over and over.

Can this be fixed?

I just sent the IFO files to slysoft!

Try ripping the movie only, none of the menus and such and see if that works.

DVDFab Decrypter can do that if you do the Main Movie and not the full disk. Seems to be some kind of problem related to the menu and navigation structure.

Good luck.

I tried DVDFab Decrypter and that will not even read the dvd. Is Slysoft working on a fix?

Anydvd will do movie only as well if you own it.

But I want the menus copied also.

Look through this thread there is a lot of issues and Slysoft knows about it and there will be an update sometime soon I believe.

Thanks for the info

superman75 -

If you are having difficulties using AnyDVD to make a backup copy of Attack Force Region 1 Commercial DVD Movie suggest sending the necessary required .IFO Files to SlySoft for analysts.

Sending the necessary required .IFO Files to SlySoft for analysts is a quick and simple task, doesn’t cost the AnyDVD user any money, and only tasks a few minutes. SlySoft has consistently demonstrated when customers send the necessary required .IFO Files to SlySoft for analysts that they quickly (sometimes within hours) release update improvement versions of AnyDVD.

Below is a Forum Link that details how to send the necessary required .IFO Files for analysts ->


This DVD has no menus. It is just the movie. AnyDVD will do this in movie only mode just fine.

Attack Force doesn’t have a menu at all?

No menu? That sounds like McDonalds, not a movie. HEHE

I wish all the DVD’s I buy were on that 99 cent value menu… lol

As this is being discussed in about 3 other threads I am going to close this one.