Attachments problem?



Hi :slight_smile:

I have a question for the staff.

After attachment problems was solved in the forum, I noted that is not more possible to save attachments in the same image format, but all pictures are saved only as bitmap.

For example, a scan in png can be saved only as bmp. The only exception is with pics inserted in posts with [img] tags.

Is this a problem or a selected option? Someone say that changing manually the file extension solve the problem, but it’s not true because even saving the file with the jpg extension, for example, file dimensions are the same of the bitmap.

I hope that this is the right place to post this :slight_smile:

TIA :bow:


That would be me, and I didn’t check the file dimensions. :doh:…changing the extension to .jpg or .png does at least let you view the saved image, though :wink:


You can see the image also if save in bitmap; the problem is file dimensions: a bmp can be 100 times bigger than a jpeg :eek: