Attaching images to forum posts

Can somebody please answer this silly question for a new forum user?
How does one attach an image to a forum post?
Example: I have made some scans using nero toolkit and want to post the results (jpg’s) in a thread.


Welcome to the forum.

If you click on “postreply” or “go advanced” when creating a post, you should see an option near the bottom of the page to “manage attachments”. From there, clicking on this will open a “file selector” window. Just browse your PC to find the attachment and follow the onscreen instructions.

BTW. .PNG files are usually preferred over .JPG, as the file size is smaller than .JPG and the screenshot is easier to read. There is also a limit on the filesize you can attach.

There’s a thread about Attaching disc quality scans to your post.

Here’s a highlight from that thread:

Attaching your scan

Simply click on the Manage Attachments button that appears below the text entry box and follow the on-screen instructions! :slight_smile:

But… what if you don’t see a “Manage Attachments” button? Where is it? If you can’t see “Manage Attachments” button, then you are probably using the “Quick Reply” text box. If this is the case, simply click on the “Go Advanced” button () to go to the regular reply mode where you should see the “Manage Attachments” button.

There is a size limit for uploading pictures. The current limit is 97.7 KB.

I so happen to have a question too regarding this.

Posting attachments usually append the image at the END of your post.

However, what if I wanted to post multiple images, but under each image write some COMMENTS…for example:

Quality scan#1


Quality Scan #2



If I use the attach command it will append both images at the END of my post, not allowing me to write any comment BELOW it.