Attach large files to e-mail!

It might sound stupid to some of you but…how can i sent large files (over 1 MB and of various types) to others , through e-mail??
I have tried attaching large files to hotmail messages but it doesn’t seem to work.

Is there another e-mail prog that i could use or…

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Most free providers doesn’t support large attachments. however your ISP mostly does.

but not many people whould use that one for warez or other ill things

so most free services of email services are set to 500 kb attachment

Hotmail is 1Meg but if you attach a one meg file, hotmail start complaining that the file is too big…RNG is right, only ISPs hadve larger Attachment sizes, mine has a 5 Meg max

You should try and get a POP3 adres, dutch people can get free pop3 adresses at

the best way to send someone a large file is:

U get a FTP client like cuteftp (
U get free webspace at or

when u want someone to have a file, u upload the file to e.g.

in de email die je verstuurt zet je een link:

it’s the best way, or u get your own domain.

Try winzipping them into 500KB chunks.
(uncompressed) then sending several emails with 1 chunk attachmented.

You can always us a free service like or

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There used to be something called “Whale Mail”, but I don’t know if it still exists.

well since dropbox is out now i dont think anyone still needs help with this :stuck_out_tongue:
you could also use something like
if that suites you
other than that theres always usb sticks :stuck_out_tongue:

Attaching “large” files to an e-mail is useless even these days.
In case you need it, there are still many free hosters… iload, uploaded, bitshare, jumbofiles, even rapidshare…

WinZip has “ZipSend” free version that’s also good. I use it frequently.

I still find being able to add 4GB attachment files convenient. The big mail servers often allow 10MB/s upload and download speeds as well. Hosting and cloud are not yet that powerful.

Hey Kenshin, South Korea plays in another league in that case. :wink: